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Compassionate care and life-changing science require empathy for patients and their loved ones. The same applies to communicating about these things. Great marketing will be based on a deep understanding of the patient’s journey – and the various emotions and challenges they experience. Our job is not only to understand – but to connect with the patient – while educating them on the care and treatments available to them now, and those being developed for the future.


Nowhere is data more important than in science. From the drug development process and clinical trials, to real-world data on treatments, behaviors and population health. As the digital-first agency for healthcare and life sciences, emagineHealth also relies on data as the driver of marketing strategies and as the catalyst for continuous monitoring and improvement.


Patients and caregivers put their trust in their providers. Clinical trial participants trust that the studied drugs won’t harm them. Investors trust that their money is safe in the hands of your executives and board. In marketing for healthcare and life sciences, building trust with audiences is paramount. Every aspect of your brand must work to establish trust – your mission, your words, thought leadership content, data and results … even your colors, fonts and branding elements.


In no industry is innovation more critical. In healthcare and life sciences, it saves lives. And never has the world witnessed it like they have with the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines. For the first time, the general public had a reason to actually care about this scientific innovation. As marketers, we also must constantly innovate. As the Digital-First agency, emagineHealth leverages data, analytics and technology to drive communications strategies that are on the forefront of marketing innovation.


When you’re saving, extending or improving lives, urgency can’t be overstated. While safety and quality can never be compromised, the reality is that speed saves lives. emagineHealth also works rapidly. While always ensuring that quality and efficacy come first, we know that the faster our clients’ critical messages get out to the world, the sooner lives are impacted.


Every task you perform must be precise. Whether you’re performing surgery or in the lab finding the right combination of compound modifications for a drug candidate to hit its target – it’s all about precision. Great marketing is precisely-targeted marketing. Knowing your audience personas and connecting them with high-value content along their journey – precisely – is key.

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