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Recruitment Marketing for Healthcare & Life Sciences

a comprehensive Guide

Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing are not mutually exclusive. Recruitment Marketing serves to augment your recruiting efforts by establishing and enhancing your “employer brand.” In this brand new ebook, emagineHealth outlines the critical steps you can take now to attract and retain the employees you want and need in the midst of this talent crisis.

This guide includes:

  • Detailed discussion of the Great Resignation & ensuing talent crisis
  • The real reasons remote work is the future
  • The pandemic impacts on healthcare & biopharma
  • How to get out of the stone age of recruiting & build your recruitment brand
  • The key to understanding your ideal candidates & how to reach them

    And much more!

New Data + Expert Insights

Everything you need to know for a successful recruitment marketing strategy, based on new data and expert insights.

Forget the old recruiting strategies that just don’t work anymore. We’ve been deep into the Great Resignation for some time – a pandemic-incited talent crisis the likes of which the healthcare & biopharma sectors have never seen before. To attract and retain the right employees in 2023, we have to join forces between recruiters and marketers, between HR and marketing departments.

In this brand new ebook, emagineHealth has done a deep-dive into the Recruitment Marketing strategies that are crucial to implement. Get started now!