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Who We Are

emagineHealth is the Digital-First Agency for Healthcare and Biopharma. 

We’re a team of 50+ individuals located across the U.S.  with a passion for health. Our clients are saving, extending and improving lives – and we’re connecting them to the patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who need them. With 25+ years of experience working with 2,000+ brands, we’re one of the most experienced teams in Digital-First marketing for the healthcare and biopharma sectors.

What We Do

We deliver the critical messages and content that promote a healthier world.

With a Digital-First approach, we develop brands and attract audiences through strategic content, websites, SEO, digital advertising and offline media. Our unmatched (in-house) digital experience allows us to pull off client initiatives that traditional agencies and P.R. firms shy away from. At emagineHealth, we embrace challenging projects, timelines, and objectives. 

Why We Do It

We’re inspired by the results of our work.

And that means a lot more than visibility, traffic or conversions. The ultimate “win” is when a patient or HCP is impacted by or given hope from our client’s message. Our team is driven by the innovation and compassion our clients demonstrate – whether through the development of life-saving drugs and devices, or by the leading-edge care they provide for patients to make them healthy. 

Lab Scientist


Hands-down the most experienced Digital-First agency in Healthcare and Biopharma.

  • 25+ years providing Digital-First solutions
  • 2,000+ websites completed
  • Digital-First solutions provided to more than 3,000 companies

emagineHealth touches every point along the healthcare continuum. From hundreds of Biotech and Medical Device companies, to Big Pharma, to the world’s leading CROs, Diagnostics, Health I.T., Digital Health and Hospitals within the biggest healthcare systems in the U.S. – the breadth of our client roster is unparalleled.

Our team has extensive experience developing communications solutions targeted at a wide range of audiences – from patients to HCPs, to investors and employment candidates. We understand these audiences’ journeys as well as the regulatory nuances in communicating with them.

Digital-First marketing is a core competency, not a mere add-on to traditional marketing. It’s technical, it’s sophisticated – and it requires a team of subject matter experts with extensive knowledge and digital acumen. Experience matters.

emagineHealth Overview

Meet our executives and a few members of our account and strategy team.

Jenn Marder

Account Manager

Serving clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors is so meaningful.

When I think about the real meaning behind our clients, I can’t imagine providing digital marketing solutions for any other industry.

Jenn Marder, Account Manager

David Hubbell

Director of Strategy

I love meeting our clients, understanding their market strategy, helping them position themselves in meaningful ways

so they can further push the envelope of healthcare’s unlimited potential.


Carly Keydel

Director of Project Management

Supporting our clients as they directly impact people’s lives through medical treatment and technology advancements is an incredible and humbling opportunity that I am extremely grateful for.

With constant evolution, there’s always something new to learn and explore.


Phill Joe

Director of Paid Digital Media

Every day, we work with the understanding that our role goes beyond mere transactions.

We’re here to facilitate, inspire, and be part of a team that takes healthcare to new heights. It’s not just about what we do; it’s about why we do it, and who we’re doing it for.


Brent Williams

Director of SEO Services

Our clients have higher goals than simply selling products.

Healthcare Digital Marketing helps those searching for help find life-changing (or even life-saving) resources. Knowing that makes the work I do so much more important.


Annalyse Madsen

Account Manager

I will never be able to achieve what our healthcare workers can on a daily basis,

but by working at emagine, I can make their lives a little easier and that gives me a moment to feel a part of this bigger picture.

Annalyse Madsen, Account Manager

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