Digital-first is not digital-only. By leveraging data analytics largely derived from digital channels, content decisions – across all channels – are rarely subjective. Opinions are heard, but take a backseat to data.

Why does it matter?

Marketing has changed. The digital wave started in the 90s (exactly when our founding partners formed emagine.) And although the momentum toward a digital-first world has been steady ever since, the pandemic was undoubtedly a watershed event for digital transformation. Today, digital is no longer one facet of a marketing strategy – it drives everything.

Beware of Digital-Last

While traditional agencies scramble and position themselves as digital-first, we’re comfortable in our own skin as digital natives. As our clients’ needs have evolved, as have our competencies – including offline tactics.

But data drives everything.
We continue to double down on data analytics and digital strategy. Patient and HCP behaviors are constantly changing. Only through data can a marketer truly keep up with these audiences’ constantly-evolving preferences and habits.

Our work is inspired by our brilliant, compassionate clients.
“How” we do it is driven by data.

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