evolve your website

Great websites don’t wait. They evolve.

All great marketing is a result of testing, measurement & continuous improvement. evolve is an ongoing and proactive strategic engagement targeted at optimizing your website for perpetual improvement – keeping your brand fresh in the eyes of your users and maximizing conversions.

Markets, audiences, competitors, and technology are always changing.
Why isn’t your website?

The Challenge

You’ve just launched a website — or maybe “just launched” was actually two or more years ago. Maybe the experience you launched with was okay, but really just the best you could do at the time, with a limited timeline and budget. How do you avoid “setting it and forgetting it?” How do you spearhead site optimizations and make sure you get every last drop of ROI from your digital presence? How do you keep up with industry trends, the competition, and your evolving audience? 

You’ve already got a full plate, and constant babysitting of your website doesn’t fit into that schedule. So how can you really fulfill that site’s potential? 

In digital marketing, time and expertise are precious resources.
We’d like to offer you more of both.

The Approach

In the “real world,” we entrust our investments to various types of overseers for safekeeping and guidance— we have groundskeepers for lush lawns, and financial advisors for our portfolios… They listen to our goals and needs, act on them, and take some of the responsibility of guardianship off our plates. 

Your digital property could use a keeper, too. Someone to help with:


Keep you accountable to your own goals for your website.


Keep you focused on the improvements and upgrades that are really worth
your time.


Keep an eye on the site when you’ve got your eye on 100 other day-to-day responsibilities.

The Solution

We call it evolve — our ongoing strategic consultation engagement. Instead of repeating the grueling, expensive cycle of completely overhauling a site very 3-5 years, we’ll help it evolve naturally and proactively over time by: 

  • Working with your team to establish or confirm your current goals for the site
  • Reviewing any new or upcoming initiatives, and determining how success is measured 
  • Developing a game plan to achieve success through updates and additions to:
    • Functionality, navigation, content, design, CTA & conversion strategy 

We’ll have regular, focused check-ins at an interval that works for you: bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly — you won’t be locked into countless hours of conference calls. During those check-ins, we’ll review progress, establish new goals, and get approvals on the next set of upgrades, so our team can get to work, and you can get back to your other responsibilities.

Setting the foundation: 
Establish a baseline, and ensure the strongest start to optimization efforts.

Engagement Overview

Weeks 1-6 

Confirm availability of (and access to) tracking tools: analytics, heatmapping platforms, etc. to track, measure, and report on website activity and visitor behavior.

Install any new tracking scripts needed to gather behavioral data and monitor the flow of visitors that arrive at your website.

Gather and take advantage of any previous strategy work and research to optimally develop a game plan for improvements and upgrades that are really worth your time

Establish availability/ opportunity for user testing to collect data while observing users completing a list of tasks and interacting with your user interface.

Perform a quick audit to document obvious problems, or other cracks in the foundation — bugs, objectively bad UX/UI practices, technical or performance problems, etc.

Address those foundational problems so we’ve got the best starting point for site optimizations that will keep your brand fresh and maximize conversions.

Cycle of improvement:  
Determine goals, develop a plan, implement, test, review, repeat.

Engagement Overview

Weeks 7+

(Client & emagine)

We start by determine a focus area (or areas). This could be a particular site page or section, or user journey. From there, we establish measurable goals and KPIs for those focus pages or journeys. 


Based on the current focus, we’ll review any available data. Once we’ve seen where we stand, we establish a plan for updates and experiments, which could include Content, Design, Navigation, or Functional changes. 

(Client & emagine) 

During these check-ins, we’ll review our findings with you, present any recommended updates and experiments, and get approvals for work to be done. We may also occasionally assign some a bit of client-side homework if we have questions for your larger team. 


Finally, we implement recommended changes and/or experiments, and report completion back to you. We allow a bit of time to collect new data, then measure against our starting benchmarks.

Repeat. Back to Focus Area Kickoff.

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