Suddenly we find ourselves in a world where our communications matter to audiences far beyond investors and HCPs.

An Inflection Point For Biopharma Marketers

According to The Harris Poll, “we can confidently say the industry is now in a unique position – stronger than we have ever seen (60% positive today vs. 26% positive in 2008), and currently experiencing one of the biggest increases in positive perception we have ever seen across any industry”. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the Life Sciences sector was literally charged with “saving the world” during the Covid crisis. From patients and caregivers, to HCPs, partners, investors, trial candidates, prospective employees, and now the general public – what you say matters.

A bigger, more engaged audience means a rare opportunity.

Combine the positive shift in perception and increased mind share with the (almost complete) shift to a digital economy – and companies are in a rare position to convey the difference they’re making to the world. Your communications strategy should encompass many of the elements that your science is based on: empathy, data, trust, innovation, urgency, and precision – which happen to be emagineHealth’s 6 tenets to successful Life Sciences marketing.

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