About the Company

Blossom Bioscience was created to bring innovative medicines to China from around the globe and to accelerate the development of innovative medicines to address unmet patient needs. Their differentiated business model seeks to combine flexible partnerships with biotech innovators from around the globe with established drug development expertise in China provided through their relationship with Hansoh Pharmaceuticals.

About the Site

As a relatively new start-up company, Blossom Bioscience partnered with the emagine team to create a brand new logo and build their website with a bold, clean design and room to grow into as the company expands, visually highlighting their focus on China as well as globally.

To create the new logo, the emagine design team started with an in-depth creative meeting with Blossom to discover what they wanted to achieve through the logo redesign, and then provided a variety of options and solutions to this design direction.

According to Our Designer,

Blossom wanted the logo to represent their mission to develop innovative medicines. In the end, we landed on a logo that was a play on both the name, Blossom, and that concept of development and growth, with a modern and simple aesthetic. Both myself and the Blossom team were very pleased with the end product and we thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration.

Grace Lucock
Primary designer on the project

The emagine team was excited to be involved with Blossom Bioscience during such a pivotal time, as the joint venture between Hansoh Pharmaceuticals and Cormorant Asset Management came together to accelerate and optimize their drug development process. With Hansoh’s large footprint and commercial capabilities, Blossom is the bridge between China and US development, a relationship which emagine was tasked with highlighting in the web presence they built.

According to Blossom Bioscience’s Chief Business Officer,

I’m a repeat client of emagine and have been very pleased with the outcome of both projects. The emagine team was organized, creative, thoughtful and efficient throughout the process of creating a new logo and website for us. I look forward to working with them again.

Mike Kim
Chief Business Officer

Additional Objectives Met


Consistent design and branding throughout


Scalable design elements set up to expand as the company grows

Highlighting Partnership

Highlighting of the partnership between Cormorant Asset Management and Hansoh Pharmaceuticals

Thoughts from the
emagine Team,

The Blossom site build was an expeditious and exciting project for our team that turned out incredible. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships and partnerships we grow and maintain.

Lauren Hanson
emagine Account Manager