The Ivy Brain Tumor Center is home to the largest Phase 0 clinical trial program in the world. At Ivy Brain Tumor Center, patients with the most aggressive brain tumors are fast-tracked to specialized treatments to help researchers quickly determine effective new therapies. Ivy Brain Tumor Center works quickly because they know their patients’ most valuable asset is time, and they chose emagine as their partner to share their message of hope.

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Moving beyond. The status quo.

The Ivy Center needed an easy-to-use site with patient-friendly navigation to assist patients with brain tumor patients with clinical trial enrollment. emagine shaped the architecture of the new Ivy website with a patient’s most pressing questions about the enrollment process in mind. As patients navigate the site, contact information for help from an Ivy Navigator is always in view.

Bringing Patient Stories to the Forefront

The Ivy Center provides highly personalized treatments – and to further personalize their message, we used custom personalized imagery and shared real patient stories on the website. emagine directed and orchestrated a video and photoshoot, using real footage from the doctors and staff going about their life-saving work – also providing direction on videos featuring patient survivors.

As part of our partnership with the Ivy Center, emagine provided a number of animated graphics featuring images from the photoshoot to display on the digital ad displays at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, to share the message of the lifesaving work happening in their home city.

To personalize the website, emagine used video in the mastheads throughout the site, taken from our directed shoot on Ivy Center’s website. Patients and their physicians visiting the site receive a genuine impression of the doctors and staff at the Ivy Center.

The timing of the launch of the website was in tandem with a social media campaign further assisted by emagine’s digital marketing team. We promoted the launch of the website with our own suite of social media graphics to drive traffic to the IBTC.

A patient-friendly, easy-to-navigate website, with a hopeful message was the key to our design and concept for this website. We understood from Ivy Center the frightening news visitors to their website may be dealing with, and delivered an empathetic experience to help patients get the information they need about experimental Phase 0 clinical trials.

From the kickoff of the project, emagine strategized with the team at Ivy Center to understand the journey all visitors to the Ivy Center would take and created personalized routes through the site so that patients, physicians, donors and industry partners could find content that pertained to them.

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