Pacific Neuroscience Institute, located in Santa Monica, California, offers 10 centers of excellence focused on treating various neurological disorders. PNI came to emagine for an overhaul of the organization’s online presence, consisting of 11 websites launched in a matter of months.

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Patient facing, patient friendly.

Patients seeking the help of PNI have often been dealt terrifying diagnoses and it was important to bring them a site that was warm and friendly, focused on the doctors and caretakers and their success stories – with less emphasis on graphic medical descriptions and images. emagine’s art direction on a series of new videos for the Centers of Excellence placed the state-of-the-art care the patient would receive at PNI at the forefront, in a way that was specific to their condition and sensitive to the patient’s need for a warm and friendly experience from the site.


Navigation was a particularly critical piece of this project – and emagine worked to present a site that was easy for patients to connect to the right Centers and physicians for their conditions, and easy for PNI’s content managers to maintain. We created 11 total Centers of Excellence sites, tying the parent PNI brand and architecture into each page. This makes it easy for patients to find the right doctor, information on their medical condition, surgery options and any ongoing trials. The calls to action and forms were placed prominently on the new site to help the specialists at PNI learn more about the patient’s referral source on the site to further help them on follow up.


  • 11 sites total, with a consistent design, architecture, and brand experience for each PNI Center of Excellence
  • New hub for international patients, as well translated versions of the sites in 9 languages.
  • Easy navigation for both patients searching for help with their conditions, with doctors and their specialties at the forefront of the experience

  • Art direction on 11 new patient-friendly videos and imagery for each Center of Excellence and conditions treated

PNI received an overhaul on the international aspect of the site, to attract patients from other states and abroad to their state-of-the-art facility for tumors and other conditions that may be untreatable in certain areas. Most importantly with the migration to the new site, PNI did not lose any of their SEO ranking and even improved with a better URL structure baked into the new site for certain Centers. 

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