Prognos Health uses artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes, providing actionable insights on millions of de-identified patients in various stages of their health journey across multiple conditions – and gives healthcare stakeholders the ability to make timely decisions and drive better outcomes. Prognos Health partnered with emagine to build a new website and has continued an ongoing relationship with emagine to grow their site as their offerings to the healthcare arena grows. 

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Creative License 

Prognos came to emagine ready to allow emagine’s team to flex their creative muscle in the new design. The Prognos team were eager to hear our design choices that were out of the box and beyond the constraints of typical brand guidelines. Prognos and emagine worked collaboratively and iteratively to create a strong concept for the new site – in which the final result brought Prognos Health’s brand identity to a new level. Their creative vision and engaging collaboration efforts through the entire process led to a visual presentation that both teams are proud of. 


Beyond emagine’s work on how to actualize creative ideas, we worked together with Prognos on how to best manage their creative assets residing in the back-end of the site. With each new creative concept, emagine’s project management team helped the client understand the technical implications and the timing required to develop such an asset. emagine’s consultative approach – stemming from experience – led to a successful on-time launch, while giving great back-end bones for future website updates. 

“So many great things we needed were addressed in creating a net new site for Prognos Health. There was mutual respect on digital domain expertise which made the working relationship really smooth.

Stacey Levas, VP, Marketing Strategy. 

Prognos Health is an emerging company in the healthcare space and they knew their needs would evolve as their business model grew. emagine provided a site with scalable design options, so Prognos can quickly adapt their site to adding new content. The design is perennial and they have a great base of a site that will not require a rebuild as Prognos pivots into new arenas.

emagine worked to understand Prognos Health’s offerings from their former site and reshaped their site architecture into a navigation to help all audiences find the right content – from doctors, to data scientists, to ongoing customers searching for support.

Prognos Health’s site includes an easy-to-manage Resource Center, News & Events pages, and a Blog – making it easy for any member of the marketing team to update and manage posts in the back-end.

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