ReWalk partnered with emagine in early 2020 to create a video that illustrates the powerful case study of ReWalk user and U.S. Veteran Gene Laureano. ReWalk’s robotic exoskeleton is the only FDA approved device of its kind and is now offered by the VA for paralyzed veterans. His story reflects ReWalk’s motto that their devices mean more than walking to their users and ReWalk needed a video partner to bring that story to life. 

View the video here.


ReWalk wanted to focus on a real user of their device. They had created many demonstration videos of the robotic exoskeleton in use, but none that illustrated what it meant to a paralyzed user. The suit is more of a rehabilitative device than the onlooker may realize, and it makes the user stronger in their core and spine support over years of use.  In our storyboarding and questionnaire, we discovered the other improvements to Gene’s quality of life. Besides the independence and accessibility Gene gains from the exoskeleton, he also gained greater core strength, decreased his reliance on pain medication, has regular bowel movements, and enjoys a higher level of energy and motivation. Our video was meant to depict more than the miracle of a paralyzed man walking upright, but also to highlight the huge improvements to his daily quality of life that we take for granted. 

emagine orchestrated and managed a two day of shooting to gain all necessary footage for the video. With the help of local partners and our office space, we simulated a day in the life for Gene at home, in the kitchen, working out, and enjoying a walk with his wife. Our proximity to Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA provided the perfect backdrop to tell this veteran’s story. Gene’s comfort and energy level during the video shoot was our first priority, and we adapted our scenes as necessary to capture plenty of footage for a beautiful and inspiring final product.

emagine has also partnered with ReWalk to improve their SEO and share their content and thought leadership with the industry. Recently, our Digital Marketing team assisted Kathleen O’Donnell at ReWalk to drive traffic to her video and podcast series ReStore. Now with emagine’s help and a brand awareness campaign, the series is gaining recognition in the stroke and neurological world, with over 5000 views on their YouTube channel.

emagine further partnered with ReWalk in 2020 to develop a new blog and resource center for their existing site. The resource center organized clinical publicatons, product information, videos, and training resources, to help researchers, physicians, and patients learn more about ReWalk’s products. The blog was built to optimize viewership of ReWalk’s experts and thought leaders.

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