Saint John’s Cancer Institute based in Santa Monica, California came to emagine to rebuild their website with the patient experience in mind. Cancer is an emotional journey, and emagine collaborated to create resources that provide immediate hope to cancer patients everywhere. 

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Centers of Excellence

emagine partnered with SJCI to create a unified look and feel to reflect the SJCI brand. We took a holistic view of who SJCI is and highlighted their expertise in innovative translational research studies and cutting edge immunotherapies. The focus was to guide patients to each center of excellence’s resources for information about SJCI’s multi-disciplinary team of experts that will provide personalized care every step of their journey. emagine also created an easy to search and filter listing of all active clinical trials, to connect patient to new treatments

cancer patient

Patient Journey

At the heart of the vision for the new site was the patient’s experience when visiting the site. The organized centers of excellence have a consistent design that is easy to navigate, with prominent calls to action and easy to find contact information, patients can easily schedule an appointment using the online form or call the cancer centers directly using our directory link. emagine developed online forms to send an automated email to SJCI admins, speeding up follow up with patients to schedule their appointments and answer their questions.

We know cancer is an emotional journey for everyone involved and we hope our website provides immediate hope to cancer patients everywhere.

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Neuron cells network on black

The build of the SJCI site relied on emagine’s experienced project management to execute a smooth launch. Each center of excellence had their own doctor expert and marketing manager, but as an extension of their team, emagine created an easy template and process to build the unique aspects of each portion of the site. Our coordination and unified front results in a cohesive brand on each center page, with smooth launches on time.

Portrait of female cancer survivor in headscarf

SJCI’s partnership with emagine to enhance their digital presence has been the heart of their website performance growth. emagine’s team of experts has generated the results of year over year PPC sessions grew by 123% and organic sessions grew by 1300% in 2020.


Technology helps bring further accuracy into the medical world

SJCI can rely on emagine as an extension of their team. From the initial project, to ongoing support and ongoing work in digital marketing and SEO, SJCI continues to grow traffic to their site and a responsive support team to rely on for website changes and updates. SJCI relies on the expertise at emagine to grow their digital presence.

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